You Could Get Up To $1000^ in about 20 minutes

Your son made the basketball team and needs new equipment. Or, maybe the family SUV can't take on winter without new tires. No worries, you've got Emerald Advance. If approved for the H&R Block Emerald Advance® line of credit you'll have access to the money you need, when you need it.Disclaimer number 115. Scrolls to disclaimer.

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Apply for Emerald Advance beginning November 18

If approved, you'll enjoy the benefits of access to money on your H&R Block Emerald CardDisclaimer number 110. Scrolls to disclaimer.. Plus, you'll have access to this year-round line of credit to use when you need it. Here's how the H&R Block Emerald Advance® works: View Details

How to apply

Between Nov. 18 and Jan. 10, bring a current pay statement, driver's license, and your Emerald Card® (if you have one), to a participating H&R Block tax office. It typically takes about 20 minutes to apply. If approved, you'll usually get money loaded to your Emerald Card® before you leave the parking lot.
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How to pay down

The Emerald Advance must be paid down to zero by Feb. 15 to maintain your account in good standing. If you choose H&R Block for tax preparation you have the option to pay down using your income tax refund. Other pay down options are available.

How to Use

Emerald Advance draws are loaded to your Emerald Card®, a prepaid Mastercard®, valid anywhere Debit Mastercard® is accepted. The line of credit gives you the ability to repeatedly borrow and repay money and has an annual resting period from Jan. 27 - Feb. 15 in which draws cannot be made from your Emerald Advance.

Easy Payment Options

With a minimum monthly payment of only $25 or 4% of your balance for most months,(whichever is greater) payments are both affordable and manageable. Remember, you must pay down your balance to zero by Feb. 15 each year to keep your account in good standing.

  • Emerald Advance payment by check or debit card
  • Transfer payment from H&R Block Emerald Prepaid Mastercard®
  • Cash payment at MoneyGram® or 7-Eleven® or Family Dollar® locations (service charge applies)
  • Tax Refund (for paydown only, not available for monthly payment)

Pricing and Fees

$45 Annual Fee*

Assessed yearly on the day the Emerald Advance is opened.

36% Annual Percentage Rate (APR)**

Finance charge assessed on the amount drawn from your Emerald Advance.

$7.50 Late Payment Fee

Assessed if monthly payment is received after the due date (maximum of 5 fees per year).

$20 Returned Payment Fee

If a check is used to make a payment on your Emerald Advance from another bank, and that bank dishonors or returns it unpaid for any reason, a $20 fee per returned check may be charged.

*$30 in subsequent years for clients who maintain their accounts year-round. If, at the time you establish your Emerald Advance, you are a covered borrower as that term is defined in the Military Lending Act and its implementing regulations, including 32 CFR § 232.3 (a "Covered Borrower"), and so long as you remain a Covered Borrower, your annual fee will be waived.

**36% APR applies during promotional period and for unsecured lines of credit. For full savings-secured lines of credit the APR is 9%. For more details, see the Terms & Conditions.

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